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10 Banned Animals In The USA to Be An Emotional Support Animal

Wolf hybrids are forbidden in different states in the USA
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65% of Americans own at least one pet. You know that Emotional Support Animals can be any domestic animal for people with a mental health disorder. Some people want to choose an unusual pet.

However, not every animal can be an ESA. The USA laws keep these pets prohibited.

№10. Bats.

Bats usually survive up to 25 years. 

Their life shortens to less of one year if they’re in a cage.

Bats can not be an emotional support animal by the Federal Laws protections

The Federal Laws protected unique bats species. It’s unlawful to have them inside the home.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could provide a permit to bring a bat to your home.

№9. Big cats

Big cats could have a risk to people.

Big cats are forbiden in 21 states of America to be an emotional support animal

Thus, 21 states of America forbid all big cats. You may get a particular commercial purposes’ permit but not for your home.

№8. Sugar gliders

They look so cute, right? And some people want to keep them as pets. However, several states forbid to have them. Adorable sugar gliders make a lot of noise and need ample space. They could be a warning to natural ecosystems.

Sugar gliders are cute enough but states forbid them to be an emotional support animal

That’s why you can’t hold them in America.

№7. Skunks

Some people consider them as beautiful pets. Anyway, if you removed a skunk’s scent organs – you may not own them.

Skunks can be an emotional support animal only in 33 states of America

Only 17 from 50 American states enabled people to keep skunks as pets. Thus, they can not be an emotional support animal there too.

№6. Alligators

A small bite from an alligator can prove fatal. A lot of states don’t permit you to own an alligator in your backyard. Some states provide a permit. You must take full liability for holding such a pet. And for sure, you can’t get an ESA letter for it. It doesn’t consider that it helps to feel better.

Alligators can not help you with mental health disroders and emotional support.

№5. Hedgehogs

These little animals consider questionable among animal experts. Some people say that hedgehogs’ nighttime nature makes them inappropriate for emotional support.

Hedgehogs are not good for being an emotional support animal

Georgia and California, Arizona, and Hawaii, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania forbid to keep them as pets and emotional support animals.

№4. Slow lorises

Slow lorises are attractive, but you can’t keep them in America. It’s illegal to transport them to the U.S. even if you bought them in other countries.

Slow lorises are illegal in the USA to be an emotional support animals

If you see cute videos on YouTube, keep in mind these owners don’t live in the USA.

№3. Penguins

All species of penguins are preserved. Even if you get a permit to interfere with penguins’ lives and their eggs in the wild – you should report to the particular organization. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora regulates the trade of wildlife species, penguins included.

Penguins are preserved to be an emotional support animals

So, there is no way to own them as a pet.

№2. Wolf hybrids

Wolf hybrids are the most misunderstood and mismanaged animals in the USA. 

Check your state rules before adopting wolf hybrids an emotional support pet

Alaska, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Wyoming don’t allow keeping them at home. Other states have specific standards to own them.

№1. Quaker parrots

They have energetic character, have “exceptional talking abilities,” and keep strong bonds with owners. However, many states prohibit residents from keeping them as pets because they want to prevent large colonies of free-flying quaker parrots from destroying vegetation.

Quaker parrots are prohibited in many states to be an emotional support bird

Is it not your case? 

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